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Sterile Processing in as little as 10 weeks

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Become a crucial member of the medical community in as little as 10 weeks. 

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Dedicated Educators

Our skilled, knowledgeable, and certified educators specialize in preparing students for the exciting field of medicine.

Skills training and core competencies are our focus for personal and professional growth in the medical field. 

Silicon Valley Surgi-Tech Institue

  We encourage the highest potential for each and every student. We strive for quality in every endeavor while committing to successfully meeting the needs of our students, staff and the professional medical community. 

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Our Mission

 SVSTI is committed to the success of our students by providing the curriculum and skills to pursue their goals of becoming active, sought after  participants in the medical community. 

 We are dedicated to helping students master communication skills, critical thinking, respect, accountability and personal responsibility. 

We support our students, educators, and our community by providing a safe environment, qualified graduates, and financially viable programs in the evolving field of medicine. 

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1040 Park Ave. #C San Jose, California 95126 United States

(408) 883-9171


Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm (By Appointment only right now)

Saturday - Sunday: By Appointment

Sterile Processing tech school/central service technician

Additional Information

SVSTI offers an education program for Sterile processing in San Jose. We offer a hands-on teaching experience that will prepare you for the CBSPD certification test to become a valuable part of the medical community. We are a one of a kind central service tech school in San Jose/ sterile processing tech school Bay Area. We take pride in helping our students achieve success.